"one of the most exciting and memorable musical events you could imagine"
"It was a delight to have folks leave the program with huge smiles on their faces and raving about the ‘wonderment’ of what they’d just heard"

chamber music with a global makeover


Kathryn and Yousif are officially


duoJalal began our Residency in September and presented a seminar to the NYU community on October 5th.  Along with Pilobolus members Jake Warren and Casey Howes, we created two new video collaborations which were shared at the seminar.  At this point all work is virtual and we plan to  continue this collaboration once we can meet in person. 

We look forward to sharing our new "live" works with you!  Learn More at Center for Ballet and the Arts

duoJalal is "Ensemble in Residence" at Sands Point Preserve: 

duoJalal are collaborative artists for an exciting concert series at the Sands Point Preserve on Long Island NY.  Four Seasons in Music is a new and creative series presenting music with poetry featuring strings, perucssion, baritone, clarinet and accordian.  Kathryn Lockwood is the Artistic Director!

CLICK HERE  For more information

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duoJalal with PILOBOLUS
"an exhilarating sonic and somewhat mystical experience"

As you can imagine, artists are currently at an impasse, sequestered in our homes due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We want to keep contributing to arts and culture around the world, to perform concerts to live audiences, collaborate with other musicians, and to interact with students. 

We humbly ask you for a donation so we can keep future projects alive.  Thank you for your support.