Racing along with our new global society, duoJalal surprises the music world with their diverse and stunning artistry. duoJalal “are fearless seekers and synthesizers of disparate instruments and cultures” raves the Toronto Star.  Like the marriage between Kathryn Lockwood and Yousif Sheronick, their music represents an organic amalgam of cultural traditions and musical styles. Audiences are enthralled as a classically trained violist from Australia ignites her instrument with passion - one minute embodying a medieval rebec, the next a Shakuhachi (Japanese flute). Yousif, of Lebanese descent, dazzles as he manipulates sound by simply snapping his fingers at the edge of an Egyptian frame drum or dragging his foot across the Peruvian cajon. From their chamber music foundation, duoJalal moves from Classical to Klezmer, Middle Eastern to Jazz, with a skillful confluence that is natural, exploratory and passionate. Inspired by their namesake, 13th century poet Jalal a din Rumi, whose visions and words brought together people of different religions, cultures and races, duoJalal opens their doors to all communities for a diverse and stimulating inter-cultural experience.


We are beyond thrilled to announce that we (Kathryn and Yousif) are the new co-Artistic Directors of Telluride MusicFest in Colorado.  Each summer the festival hosts concerts in the most amazing venue perched on the side of a mountain at 10,000 feet!  During our first season duoJalal will continue working with dancers from PILOBOLUS Jake Warren and Casey Howes; pianist Inessa Zaretsky, violinists Debbie Buck and Min Young Kim, cellist Caroline Stinson, and pianist Orion Weiss.  This year’s festival will run from June 25th through July 3rd.  More details are coming! 


As you can imagine, artists are currently at an impasse, sequestered in our homes due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We want to keep contributing to arts and culture around the world, to perform concerts to live audiences, collaborate with other musicians, and to interact with students. 

We humbly ask you for a donation so we can keep future projects alive.  Thank you for your support.

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"one of the most exciting and memorable musical events you could imagine"
"It was a delight to have folks leave the program with huge smiles on their faces and raving about the ‘wonderment’ of what they’d just heard"
duoJalal with PILOBOLUS

duoJalal is "Ensemble in Residence" at Sands Point Preserve: 

duoJalal are collaborative artists for an exciting concert series at the Sands Point Preserve on Long Island NY.  Four Seasons in Music is a new and creative series presenting music with poetry featuring strings, percussion, baritone, clarinet, accordion and dancers!  Kathryn Lockwood is the Artistic Director!

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