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With a strong belief in education, duoJalal has presented residencies at top institutions including 

Manhattan School of Music, University of Michigan, Penn State,  University of Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, Boston Conservatory, NYU, Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei Brazil and Griffith University Australia

Residencies can include:

General Lecture Demonstrations - duoJalal performs works from their unique repertoire, talks about the group’s history (including what it is like to work with your spouse!) and engages the attendees in discussions about programming, commissioning and the business side of music.

Composers Forums - composition students learn firsthand how today's composers are thinking out of the box to write for this unique combination of viola and percussion. Kathryn demonstrates the demands put on her and her instrument, and Yousif explores the guidelines for writing for world percussion.  


World Music Classes - duoJalal performs world influenced chamber music and explains the ins and outs of working with composers who share their love of diverse cultures.  Genres can include Middle Eastern, South Indian, Mongolian, Japanese, West African and South Italian.  


Chamber Music Coachings and String Masterclasses - Kathryn Lockwood’s long and dedicated career in the classical chamber music world leads to in depth coachings, lessons and discussions.


Hands-on World Drumming Class - Revered around the world as a master frame drummer and Middle Eastern percussionist, Yousif Sheronick inspires all musicians with his vast knowledge and expert instruction on hand drums.


Elementary School Concerts - duoJalal performs regularly for the younger audience and excites and educates the young listener with music from around the world.  

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