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This newly designed COOPERMAN RIQ has two carved "scallop" arches between two of the jingle sets to extend the "reach" of the players fingers.  This facilitates a super comfortable grip when playing in either soft or cabaret position for any sized hands.  As with traditional riqs, this drum has a jingle arrangement of 5 double-row sets, evenly spaced sets.


This drum is slightly smaller, 9" in diameter, than our previous "Artist Series" Riq, and we have replaced the metal tuning rim with a wood one.  It's lighter in weight, highly articulate and creates both a brilliant and warm sound.  The head is tightly mounted to create the drum’s distinctive clear, high pitched sound. We’ve incorporated the patented Cooperman internal tuning system to maintain top performance under all conditions, as well as our removable jingle pin system that allow players to change-out the jingles for alternate sounds.


  • Approximately 9″ diameter x 2.25″ deep
  • wood tuning ring
  • Remo® clear mylar drum head
  • 9 pair of hand hammered brass jingles and 2 pair of hand hammered bronze jingles. (The bronze jingle is intended to be the” played,” articulated jingle; the brass jingles for a shaker sound
  • Sample weight: 696 grams = 1 lb 8.6 oz.


Watch a video description of the drum.


Cooperman Drums are made to order and can take between 2 and 4 weeks to ship...but often ship sooner.


For riq instruction from Yousif Sheronick please visit


Purchase the Riq from my store and you will receive one free month of my online Contemporary Riq Course.  If you are already enrollled I'll add one month.  I'll send details once you purchse the instrument.  Click to check out the course.  

Cooperman Riq - Yousif Sheronick AIS Model

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