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Shaker Talk is a solo I developed for Brazilian Caxixi and Venezulean Maracas.  I’ve been fascinated by shakers ever since I took a trip to Brazil in graduate school. Only being aware of shakers played rock band style, I was taken by the Brazilian’s ability to take simple basket shakers called Caxixi and, by way of creativity, create so many textures and grooves. Then hearing maraca players from Venezuela, well, my interest was taken to a whole new level. The idea is that the shakers in my left and right hand are different people that have brief interactions with each other and then go on their way.  There is a Key Page included with instructions on how to play the shakers.  This is fun piece for both perfomer and audience!


Watch a performance of the piece.

Shaker Talk solo for Caxixi and Maracas - Sheet Music

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