Music, Spoken Word and the Visual Arts in the spirit of Rumi

A project that centers around the work of 13th century poet and

mystic Jalal a-din Rumi. Coupled with spoken poetry of Rumi,

duoJalal performs works by today’s leading composers including

works commissioned for the project by Evan Ziporyn and Lev

Zhurbin. In the spirit of “sama”, a deep listening to music and poetry,

the audience will experience the true spirit of Rumi. 

Zhao Jiping "Summer in the High Grassland"

Lev "Ljova" Zhurbin "Shadow & Light"
Evan Ziporyn "Honey from Alast"

Shirish Korde "Joy"

Somei Satoh "Birds in a Warped Time"

Giovanni Sollima "Lamentatio"



Cellist Caroline Stinson and Composer/Narrator Andy Waggoner join duoJalal for an enchanted evening of music and poetry.  From Bach cello suites to music from Italian renegade Giovanni Sollima;  Lutoslawski to Medieval dances; this dynamic ensemble brings these pieces to life with stunning poems by Rumi, William Carlos Williams, and Mary Oliver.  Join two husband and wife duos for an evening that will play in the audience's memory for a lifetime.  The performance includes a work written specially for the project by Andy Waggoner

J.S. Bach "Cello Suite No. 6 BWV 1012, Prelude"

Giovanni Sollima "Lamentatio"

Witold Lutosławski  "Bukoliki (Bucolics)"

Yousif Sheronick  "Jubb Jannin" 

Marin Marais  "Les folies d’Espagne"

Andrew Waggoner  “ think again of dangerous and noble things”

Medieval Dances “Dance Estampie”




Music in Motion

In this wonderful collaboration between duoJalal and dancers featuring compositions by Vieuxtemps (1883) and Sollima (2003), the joy of musicians and dancers working together tickle the aural and visual senses.  The two duos with musician and dancer, redefines the duet form as musician and dancer intertwine on the dance floor and in the grand finale (Sollima), the four performers (duoJalal and the two dancers) takes the audience on both conceptually and physically rigorous wild ride and is sure to get the audience to its feet. 


Henri Vieuxtemps “Capriccio” for solo viola and solo female dancer

Yousif Sheronick “Improv” for solo riq and solo male dancer

Medieval Dances “Dance Estampie” (14th Century) with two dancers - Percussion: Riq, Dumbek, Bodhran

Giovanni Sollima "Lamentatio" with two dancers - Percussion: Cajon, Ocean Drum, Caxixi





Choose the program you want!

duoJalal continually surprises audiences with a range of old and new, inside out and outside in.  With the following list, the duo can mix & match to create a program that takes the listener from Medieval Dances to west Africa.  

Beatles Tunes "Blackbird" and "I am the Walrus"

Derek Bermel “Thracian Sketches” - Percussion: Frame Drum and Dumbek

Kenji Bunch “Lost & Found” - Percussion; Dumbek, Djembe, Toys, Cajon   

Henry Cowell “Homage to Iran” - Percussion: Dayera

Philip Glass “Duo for solo Viola & Percussion” - Percussion: Frame Drums, Cymbals, Caxixi & toys

Zhao Jiping “Summer in the High Grassland” - Percussion: Kanjira (small Indian tambourine) & shaker

David Krakauer “Klezmer a la Bechet” - Percussion: Bodhran (Irish Frame Drum)

Shirish Korde “Joy” - Percussion: Udu clay drum

Tigran Mansurian “Three Taghs” - Percussion: Cymbal, vibraphones, gongs

Medieval Dances “Dance Estampie” (14th Century) - Percussion: Riq, Dumbek, Bodhran

Hafez Nazeri “Eternal Return” - Percussion: Djembe, Frame drums, Cymbals, Tibetan Finger Cymbal, Kanjira

Arvo Part “Spiegel im Spiegel” - Percussion: Vibraphones

John Patitucci ”Scenes for Viola and Percussion” - Percussion: Djembe, Ocean Drum, Cymbal, shakers, bells and various toys

Enzo Rao Camemi “a different world” - Percussion: Cajon (Peruvian Box Drum)

Somei Satoh “Birds in warped time II” - Percussion: Vibraphone

Peter Sculthorpe “Sonata For Viola and Percussion” -Percussion: Djembe, snare drum, chinese symbol, conga

Yousif Sheronick “Jubb Jannin” - Percussion: Bendir (Moroccan Frame Drum)

Giovanni Sollima “Lamentatio” - Percussion: Cajon, Caxixi, Bodhran, Maraca

Riad El-Soumbati “Longa Riad” - Percussion: Riq

Mavis Staples "Eyes on the Prize" - Baritone, Viola and Percussion

Glen Velez “Homage for Frame Drums and Viola” - Percussion: Tar Drum (small Frame Drum tuned to G)

Mohamed Abdul Wahab “Zeina” - Percussion: dumbek

Inessa Zaretsky “Dervishes - Five Pieces for Viola and Percussion” - Percussion; Riq, Marimba, Bodhran, Dumbek, Cymbal, Bells & Marimba

Lev “Ljova” Zhurbin “Shadow & Light”- Percussion: Kalimba, Pitch pipe, Frame drums, Tibetan Bowl

Evan Ziporyn “Honey from Alast” - Percussion: Vibraphone, Riq, Bodhran, and Cajon