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Every concert performed and attended connects us in multiple ways.  It affords the opportunity to connect our lives with friends and strangers.  A deep sense of belonging is an irresistible and biological need.  Music brings us together and provides human connections. 

The program opens with solo Bach, a perfect way to cleanse the mind and let go of the day’s worries.  From Satoh’s journey of experiencing time as if eternal time can be lived in a single moment; to Belgarian’s  message of adapting our thought process to reflect the adaptability of water; to the sheer joy felt in Rao’s “A Different World”, the music will bring strangers together to connect and become friends. 


J.S. Bach “Gigue” in E-flat Major for solo viola, BWV 1010   

Andy Waggoner “ think again of dangerous and noble things” (2018)

Peter Sculthorpe “Sonata” For Viola and Percussion (1960)

Allison Loggins-Hull “Changes” (2020) 

Yousif Sheronick “Doubtful Sound” for solo Bodhran

Eve Beglarian “Like Water” (2021)

Glen Velez “Homage for Frame Drums and Viola” (2009)

Yousif Sheronick “Jubb Jannin” 

John Patitucci ”Scenes for Viola and Percussion” 

Somei Satoh “Birds in warped time” 

Enzo Rao Camemi “a different world” 




From Haydn to Bartok and beyond, folk music has been the inspiration for many landmark pieces.  This program featuring folk traditions aims to give voice to each of these fabulous composers and their unique musical language.  From Medieval Dances to Klezmer wedding music, to Indian classical music, this program will keep traditions alive. 

David Krakauer “Klezmer a la Bechet” 

Zhao Jiping “Summer in the High Grassland” 

Kenji Bunch “Lost & Found”   

Derek Bermel “Thracian Sketches”

Yousif Sheronick “Four Corners” for solo percussion

György Kurtag “In Nomine - all’ongherese “Damjanich emlekko” 

John LaBarbara “Danza del Fuego” 

Shirish Korde “Joy” 

Medieval Dances “Dance Estampie” (14th Century) 

Giovanni Sollima “Lamentatio”



Derek Bermel “Thracian Sketches” - Percussion: Frame Drum and Dumbek

Kenji Bunch “Lost & Found” - Percussion; Dumbek, Djembe, Toys, Cajon   

Henry Cowell “Homage to Iran” - Percussion: Dayera

Philip Glass “Duo for solo Viola & Percussion” - Percussion: Frame Drums, Cymbals, Caxixi & toys

Zhao Jiping “Summer in the High Grassland” - Percussion: Kanjira (small Indian tambourine) & shaker

David Krakauer “Klezmer a la Bechet” - Percussion: Bodhran (Irish Frame Drum)

Shirish Korde “Joy” - Percussion: Udu clay drum

Tigran Mansurian “Three Taghs” - Percussion: Cymbal, vibraphones, gongs

Medieval Dances “Dance Estampie” (14th Century) - Percussion: Riq, Dumbek, Bodhran

Hafez Nazeri “Eternal Return” - Percussion: Djembe, Frame drums, Cymbals, Tibetan Finger Cymbal, Kanjira

Arvo Part “Spiegel im Spiegel” - Percussion: Vibraphones

John Patitucci ”Scenes for Viola and Percussion” - Percussion: Djembe, Ocean Drum, Cymbal, shakers, bells and various toys

Enzo Rao Camemi “a different world” - Percussion: Cajon (Peruvian Box Drum)

Somei Satoh “Birds in warped time II” - Percussion: Vibraphone

Peter Sculthorpe “Sonata For Viola and Percussion” -Percussion: Djembe, snare drum, chinese symbol, conga

Yousif Sheronick “Jubb Jannin” - Percussion: Bendir (Moroccan Frame Drum)

Giovanni Sollima “Lamentatio” - Percussion: Cajon, Caxixi, Bodhran, Maraca

Riad El-Soumbati “Longa Riad” - Percussion: Riq

Mavis Staples "Eyes on the Prize" - Baritone, Viola and Percussion

Glen Velez “Homage for Frame Drums and Viola” - Percussion: Tar Drum (small Frame Drum tuned to G)

Mohamed Abdul Wahab “Zeina” - Percussion: dumbek

Inessa Zaretsky “Dervishes - Five Pieces for Viola and Percussion” - Percussion; Riq, Marimba, Bodhran, Dumbek, Cymbal, Bells & Marimba

Lev “Ljova” Zhurbin “Shadow & Light”- Percussion: Kalimba, Pitch pipe, Frame drums, Tibetan Bowl

Evan Ziporyn “Honey from Alast” - Percussion: Vibraphone, Riq, Bodhran, and Cajon

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