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Yousif Sheronick is a renowned world percussionist specializing in frame drums and Middle Eastern percussion. Advanced Frame Drum Techniques moves you beyond the standard "dum and tek" and helps develop contemporary techniques on the Riq, Tar and Bodhran. Through his long association with Glen Velez, Yousif demonstrates unique Velez techniques including fast fingerings on the drumhead and cymbals. The DVD includes close up shots of hand positions, exercises to build up strength, and patterns and rhythms to begin using these techniques in context. Additionally, Yousif performs three brilliant solos on the DVD. 
Also check out Yousif's "Riq Instructional DVD" to learn the basics of the Middle Eastern tambourine.

DVD Contents 
Split Hand Technique 
Split Hand Triplet 
Glen Velez Fast Fingerings 
South Italian Triplet 
Glen Velez Fast Cymbal Fingerings

Tar Solo 
Bodhran Solo 
Riq Solo 

Advanced Frame Drum Techniques DVD

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